SFTP/SCP file transfer in Java language

Here are three Java classes that permit files transfer in batch mode using SCP/SFTP protocols. They permit to download one or more files using SCP or SFTP protocols and to upload one or more files using SFTP or FTPS protocols. The classes use the JCraft JSch (Java Secure Channel) library. SCP Download : download one […]

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OpenCart send mail function

I have rewritten the send() function of the class Mail in the file system/library/mail.php file of OpenCart using the SwiftMailer PHP library. The SwiftMailer library must be installed in the library/swiftmailer directory. Replacing the original code provided by OpenCart with the SwiftMailer implementation permits to solve possible compatibility issues with the mail server used. Download […]

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Round Robin Algorithm in PHP

Eugene Wee is the author of this PHP round robin algorithm to create schedules for tournaments for almost everything. I have slightly changed it to associate every player with a “tag” (parameters : first_team, second_team). These tags could be, for example, the colors of chess pieces (white / black) or the place where every team […]

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