Solid work,
delivered on time

SpeedTech Engineering

Solid Solutions, Delivered on Time

A fine project idea needs solid implementation to bring it to life. SpeedTech provides system development using the latest frameworks, to take your ideas from plain paper or simple thought, to tangible, visible results.

We can shoulder every part of the process. Custom web applications, mobile apps, IoT (Internet-of-Things) systems, target-specific development. Give us a call, and let's see where the synergies take us.

  • Solid development on modern frameworks and operating systems
  • Efficient, reliable backup and network systems
  • Friendly, reliable, accessible support


Web applications
design and development

Web applications (project management, time tracking, inventory, accounting and billing) that can run on every modern web browser, accessible from anywhere and that uses the most efficient PHP development frameworks connected with the best open source databases: MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

Custom CMS development and integration

Design and development of custom CMS backend and frontend engines with the most efficient PHP frameworks. Integration of the CMS with external services. Development of custom modules and features for different open source CMS.

E-commerce platforms development and integration

Development of e-commerce websites and integration with external services for payment and shipment tracking.

Desktop applications:
design and development

Development of desktop applications for Linux, Windows and MacOS environments, for clients wanting to keep access, connectivity, security and performance close to home.

Application analysis, benchmarking
and custom design

Analysis and design of applications of practically any type, along modular or unified structures. Research and analysis of exact requirements, feasibility study, workflow, structure and application logic study, and cutting-edge design.

Security structures:
firewalls, encryption, backups

Analysis of the clients requirements and evaluation of the hardware used, security level estimation, most suited to the needs solution envisioning, hardware and software installation and configuration.

Office and database servers for small business

Installation of complete small-business office server systems, study, set up and implementation of associated on-site or off-site (or both) backup systems and strategies, client long-term support.

Linux clients:
installation and configuration

Study, evaluation of needs and selection of appropriate, specific Linux distribution for client's particular needs. Configuration of basic system and peripheral, control and display device drivers, implementation, testing and client long-term support.

Support and maintenance:
on-site, remote, or off-hours maintenance

A complete range of installation, support and maintenance services, particularly well-suited to small businesses, with simple, easy-to-manage annual contracts or pay-as-you-go support on a per-visit basis. We also provide off-site support, via remote control software.

Mail systems and servers:
hosting, security and archiving

We can provide intelligently-managed, high-performance mail server solutions, that preserve your privacy.We can implement spam-busting DKIM and other solutions, to make sure your message gets through.

Our work

Here are a few examples of our projects

A few of our Clients

United Kingdom

Versantus - Oxford UK

Design and development of custom features for Drupal CMS. Website architecture.

Drupal, PHP, jQuery

GUIET.com - Fribourg CH

Analysis, design and development of custom CMS backends and web applications.

CodeIgniter, Yii, PHP, MySQL, jQuery

Daxtor - Bolzano IT

Firewall configuration and maintenance with redundancy and secure access via VPN for SAS service.

SmoothWall, OpenVPN, SFTP, SSH

SINT - Torino IT

Analysis, design and development of CRM desktop applications using Oracle database PCI compliant.

Delphi, Object Pascal, Oracle

LeftRightMinds - Vancouver CA

Design and development of custom features for Drupal CMS.

Drupal, PHP, MySQL, jQuery

Accademia degli Agiati - Rovereto IT

Analysis, design and development of web applications for membership management and bookkeeping.