Linux clients: installation and configuration

Study, evaluation of needs and selection of appropriate, specific Linux distribution for client's particular needs. Configuration of basic system and peripheral, control and display device drivers, implementation, testing and client long-term support

There are many advantages of using the Linux operating system as a client on the desktop and laptop, both at home and at an office


Linux is immune to viruses and malware, so no protection software, like antivirus or anti-malware, is necessary.


Linux works well also on older hardware because it can use the machine resources more efficiently.


Linux provides many free and open source solutions to protect user privacy allowing encryption of the entire disk or only the user data.


Many user interfaces are available and every interface can be easily customized.


A lot of high-quality, free, and open-source software is available to satisfy every need.


Linux is easy to maintain, use and backup. In case an installation from scratch is necessary it is easy to migrate the user data and preferences.


Most Linux distributions are completely free and there are no license costs.

The suggested Linux distributions for a desktop are Linux Mint and Zorin OS