Managed Linux servers

Installation, configuration and continuous upgrade and management of Linux servers both on physical hardware and virtual (VPS)

Complete management of multi-purpose physical or virtual Linux servers equipped with open source distributions Debian and CentOS :

  • Sizing
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrade
  • Migration

Linux servers can provide a large range of services: mail, web, backup, cloud, source repository …

The access to the services from outside can be secured using a VPN with OpenVPN or Wireguard or via SSH tunnels and the server can be protected by its software firewall and security can be increased by integrating “Security Enhanced Linux” support.

The webserver connections can be encrypted using Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates (free) or using a paid certificate.

Backup of the server can be stored into the cloud (Wasabi or BlackBlaze) or to another server using rsync, Duplicati, or Borg

The server status can be constantly monitored with Zabbix and Icinga

DigitalOcean and Netsons provide professional VPS services with many features and options.

Technologies used

Operating systems based on Linux Debian Backup: Borg Cloud: Nextcloud Database : PostgreSQL, MariaDB GIT: Gitea Mail: Postfix, Dovecot, Roundcube, Rspamd Password management: Bitwarden Web: Apache, Caddy


Private mail server Database server Backup server Private cloud and fileserver A private password storage server A private source repository for developers