VPS servers, Firewall and VPN

Client : Finova (Bolzano - IT) Network and security design and implementation for SAS services Hardware selection Network design Linux application server installation and configuration VPN based on OpenVPN configuration and maintenance for access control VPS management
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Publish date : 2019-09-14 | Last change : 2019-09-14

Categories : Projects
Tags : Firewall | VPN | Networking | OpnSense | System Administration

Firewalls, VPN and content filtering

Client : Cooperativa VillaMaria (Rovereto - IT) Firewalls, VPN site-to-site and client-to-site, web and content access control Hardware configuration Firewall system installation and configuration with RAID support Setup of VPN site-to-site based on OpenVPN to connect two remote sites Setup of single VPN clients to allow remote working Transparent content filtering to control the access to web resources
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Publish date : 2016-01-14 | Last change : 2016-01-14

Tags : Firewall | VPN | Networking | OpnSense